Thank you for your support of YUConnects, housed at the CJF. Your generosity allows us to develop programs which create comfortable meeting and networking opportunities to foster healthy relationships towards marriage.

Many utilize this opportunity to commemorate and honor their loved ones or donate for the merit of others to find their future match.  Kindly fill in the appropriate field below.

Please email our friendly office at if you would like to target your donation for a specific endeavor or if you have any questions at all. Our phone number is 646-529-4259.

Please consider joining YU Connects' Diamond Circle today. These special supporters (those who give $1000 and $1800) subsidize our essential programs, allowing the organization to continue its vital work. Our Diamond Circle Benefactors will be listed on upcoming publicity with heartfelt appreciation. 

May Hashem bless you and your family with nachas and bracha!  

Select gift level:

$18,000 - Master Builder.

$10,000 - Benefactor.

$7,500 - Subsidize a YUConnects Shabbaton- allowing natural meeting opportunities in a warm atmosphere.

$3,600 -  Fund a conference for rabbis, educators, and connectors to cultivate relationship building skills within our communities.

$2,500 - Sponsor a 'Meet-the-Connector' night  or “Connector Brainstorming and Training” Event- all wonderful opportunities to expand matchmaking in a single evening.

$1,800 DIAMOND CIRCLE - Subsidize a community-wide educational forum.

$1,000 DIAMOND CIRCLE - Sponsor an educational panel focused on healthy relationship building skills.

$500 - Sponsor a week’s worth of matchmaking by a trained professional connector.

$360 - Dedicate a YUConnects newsletter reaching thousands of interested community members.

$100 - Personal meeting with Staff Connector.

Other Amount ($10.00 minimum).