Yes! I will join Yeshiva University and CJF in their holy work. I want to make an investment in my community and the Jewish people.

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$50,000: Counterpoint Israel Program - Support the Counterpoint Israel Program which brings motivated college students to Israel to create a summer day camp for underprivileged Israeli children and high schoolers in some of the most challenging communities in Israel.

$36,000: Rabbinic Retreats - Help us conduct three day spiritual retreats for rabbis designed to stimulate, strengthen and sharpen the 40 participants’ preaching, programming and teaching skills.

YUConnects - Help underwrite YUConnects and facilitate single undergraduate alumni and students with comfortable opportunities to socialize and connect via a warm and personal approach.

$18,000: Provide a Rabbinic Intern - Provide a rabbinic intern to a Jewish community and help train the next generation of spiritual leadership">$18,000: Provide a Rabbinic Intern.

$10,000: Dedicate a Tanach Yom Iyun -  Dedicate the annual Tanach Yom Iyun, a student-organized day of learning that draws hundreds of participants to Wilf Campus for a day of bible study from YU’s roshei yeshiva and scholars.

$7,500: Dedicate a Holiday-to-Go - Dedicate one of the CJF’s Holiday To-Go Torah booklets, featuring contributors from YU scholars and Torah personalities.
Published for each Jewish holiday, more than 22,000 booklets are distributed to synagogues across North America, Europe, South Africa and Israel, with thousands of people around the world downloading the series from YU’s virtual Torah learning site

$5,000: Dedicate Tisha b'av Webcast - Underwrite the worldwide Tisha b’Av Webcast that attracts more than 5,000 on-line participants to a five hour program delivered by renowned scholar Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter.

$2,500: Support - Become a supporter of, which has more than 35,000 monthly visitors. Be recognized on the front page of the site and choose a month to dedicate in honor or in memory of a loved one

$1,000: Dedicate a Day of Torah Learning at RIETS - Sponsor a day of RIETS Torah scholarship to mark a yahrtzeit or family simcha.">$1,000: Dedicate a Day of Torah Learning at RIETS

$500: Sponsor a Torah Tour Community - Sponsor a group of students to create ruach and enhance the yom tov of a community in North America on the Schreiber Torah Tours Program.

$500: Dedicate a Kollei Yom Rishon Program - Sponsor a Kollel Yom Rishon Sunday morning lecture in memory of or in honor of a loved one.

$360: CJF Supporter

$180: CJF Friend

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